Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stuff yourself like a Cannoli at Joey and Eddy's

Stuff yourself like a Cannoli at Joey and Eddy’s Italian Restaurant

I’m sure you have heard of the “South Beach Diet”. While it may to improve your waistline, it’s not going to win you many friends. No one likes a picky eater. Groupon suggests to you, the “North Beach Diet”. Start by taking your rat pack to Joey and Eddy’s Italian restaurant in North Beach, San Francisco. Use your Groupon to pay for 66% of the meal (chicks dig that). Today’s deal of the day serves up a carb-o-licious cuisine filled with meat, pasta, cream sauces, and assorted paisano’s with a smile.

At Joey and Eddy’s you have the choice of ordering entrée’s or family style Italian meals. The family style meals feed 2-3 people if you are Italian American. If you are an average person who eats recommended serving sizes (whatsa matta you?) then Joey and Eddy’s family style entrée will feed 5-20 of you. At Joey and Eddy’s the full bar (7 days a week) provides enough booze to make even Dean Martin blush.

Might I suggest the spaghetti and meatballs? Joey has the best freakin’ dish of balls I have ever put in my mouth. At about $10 a plate you will have had too much to eat, and still have enough to carry home to your mamma.

The atmosphere of Joey and Eddy’s is much like Zuppa (another one of Joey’s creations across town). Mood lighting, wood burning oven, exposed kitchen, and very romantic for lunch or dinner. Joey and Eddy’s has beautiful views from picture windows of Washington Square Park (famous park which also neighbors tourist hot spot, St. Peter and Paul Cathedral). In a district that caters to unknowing tourists looking for cheap eats, most of the choices are silly Italian American themed bars and café’s. It’s refreshing to find one joint that still takes eating Italian food seriously.

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