Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meds-mory Lane

I was reminded of my crazy ass boss from a few years ago who used to talk NON stop. Before her "meds" kicked in to calm her down she would arrive to work and CORNER me in my office and talk my F'ing EAR OFF !

She would tell me any story that came to mind and talk so fast and tell me the same god damn stories over and ...over and over...and like, she was my BOSS so what are you going to say?

She'd be like, "did you finish that thing I gave you?" and I'd be like "not yet" and she would be all, "why?, I gave you plenty of time" and I wanted to say, "look ass hole if you weren't in my office *all up in my grill* with your dumb ass stories I could get some work done and meet your deadlines, you F'ing MORON"....but again, she was my boss so I would just be like, "you're right, I will get right on that !" .....dumb bitch....

1 comment:

  1. do look familiar...but I just dont remember you working for me....but...I definitly have tortured staff with long stupid stories...cause..well.... you already know why..

    You made me laugh thanks. Suzanne