Monday, April 13, 2009

Why I don't 'do' FasTrak

So several of you are telling me to do FasTrak. I want to take this time to explain to you that I DID do FasTrak for three years....Please stay tuned for a new blog that explains WHY I DON'T DO FASTAK any longer.....It is a long story. But don't you worry it still ends with alot of swearing, sticking it to the man, and me burning rubber out of the toll booth !!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

U Stank !!!

Another Toll Booth Troll Story for you.
About two weeks ago, Rachel #2 gave me a frozen 'garlic chicken pizza' to take to work with me.

At lunch time I took it out of the cardboard and it smelled SOOO strong of garlic that I could actually smell it through the celephane wrap AND from about a foot I decide NOT to eat this at lunch, because it would have killed my future clients...I starve myself ALL day and decide to heat up this pizza and finally eat it while driving back home to SF.

I devour the pizza in my car and approach the toll booth on the Bay Bridge.

I roll my window down, and stick my $5 bill out to the women who is taking money. I say, "Can I have a receipt please". She winces as if she is in extraordinary pain and YELLS!!! "WHHHHHEEEEWWWW!".

I don't say a word, I am not sure if she is have a convulsion or a coming to Jesus, or epilepsy or something.

I stare at her....she reaches with her three inch fingernails for my money. She is careful to ONLY let the tips of her fingernails touch the corner of my bill, and she rips it as fast as she can out of my hand while YELLING AGAIN, " WWWWHHHHHHHHHHEEEEWWWWWWW" !!!!!!!!

I am catching on now that she has a problem with the garlic smell coming from my car.

I still sit there speechless and wait for my reciept.....

She proceeds to yell as loud as she can...

"stank" "Stank" "STANK" " SSSSTTTAAAANNNKKK" !!!!!!!!!!! as she throws my dollar bill back at me.

COME ON LADY !!!! Yes I get that I smell like garlic...but it's not like I smelled like SHIT or B.O. or a myriad of other offensive odors....I mean....

how Fing RUDE are you???? Did I pull up and yell "EWWWW" "FRIED CHICKEN!!" " EWWW" "EWWW", I didn't wanna know why?????....It's called curtousy you Gery curl wearing, Lee Press On Nail having, Loud Mouth, Evening at the Apolo, Dramatic, Screaming to Jesus......Byoch !!!!!!!!!!!

Oh I said it...and you know why?? I said it because no matter how bad someone smells...its called common courtesy. I have NO IDEA what Toll Booth Trolls have to do in order to get their jobs, but CUSTOMER service is NOT involved in the training process. I have done my share of retail, sales AND customer service and I would have been FIRED on the spot if I treated people the way these TOLL BOOTH TROLLS treat me. Am I the only one?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Giving Toll is Taking its Toll.....

Toll collectors on the Bay Bridge make me *so* mad. Instead of going POSTAL I am going to go TOLL-STAL !!

It seems like a simple transaction. I give you money and ask for a receipt "please". You, being a toll person, take my money and give me a receipt. So why do I have a confrontation almost EVERY time I go over the bay bridge to get back home?

I want to say that I NEVER have had a problem on the Golden Gate Bridge. This therapy session is for the Bay Bridge Toll Takers alone !! They are awful, mean, and spiteful trolls! I have had a myriad of strange and weird transactions at the Bay Bridge Toll Booths.

Sometimes the toll people don't look at me, speak to me, or even acknowledge that I exist when they take my money and give me change...and believe me I have LEARNED to appreciate these people for ignoring me. Thank you for your robotic disinterest.

Most of the time these Toll Trolls have a WHOLE life going on other than their job. They are listening to the radio, singing and dancing, watching a small TV, talking on their cell phone. Doing EVERYTHING in addition to taking toll money. Washing their hair, Betting on horses, Hiring Strippers, among other extracurricular activities. My last experience was with the short, Asian, Dyk-ish woman who talks on her cell. She was so distacted with her personal life that after I gave her a $10, asked for a reciept "please", she handed me back $1 and a receipt. I paused to tell her that I had given her a $10, not a $5 and she PUT HER FINGER UP because I was interrupting her conversation !!!!!!!!! SHUT UP !!! You can't be serious??!! IM interrupting YOU? No U Di'nt !!! and THEN, no and THEN, she argues with me that I gave her a $5 and not a $10 !!! After banter back and forth twice she ripped out a five and shoved it at me.

This is only ONE story of several that I have about Toll Booth Trolls, I am happy to tell you more, but I would like to know YOUR experience with Toll Both Trolls.....