Friday, January 21, 2011

You Don't Know Ironic, Till You Know My Online Stalker !

I have this crazy musician lady. I wish I could tell you her name so bad..but there is probably some copy write law against it. She emails me through EVERY social media sight I have. Every month or so & requests me to take her music OFF of my Youtube video I made 7 months ago.

Every month I respond to her and say "look... I removed this video like 7 months ago, the first time you asked me to"....and she NEVER reply's to my email.

Yet every month I will open up Facebook, or Youtube, or Linked in, or my business email and find ANOTHER email from her requesting me to take her music off of Youtube.

EVEN THOUGH IT DOESN' T exist any longer !! UGGGG she drives me crazy!! The beauty of this is...are you ready for this??

HER BANDS NAME references a 'condition where people lose their memory', and she always behaves as if she has no idea we have ever met!!! ha ha ha ha...if that isn't IRONIC I don't know what is !!!!

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