Thursday, April 22, 2010

Party Animal

Right after the ‘Big Bang’, men began to contemplate combining their inner geek with arousing night life. The California Academy of Sciences finally cracked the code by luring science loving masses with hot dance music, spirited cocktails, and some ‘book learnin’ thrown in. Everyone likes your brains, but when your brains are holding a beer, no one can resist you! “Nightlife“ at the CAS on Thursday nights, exhibits education without the boring stigmatism of being called “intellectual”. Indricotherium lovers raise your glass, in honor of the perfect fusion of sci-fi and sexy!

The temptation of “Nightlife” is the right blend of wild animals mixed with booty shaking beats. It’s like taking a trip to Vegas for the night without the regrets, or empty bank account the next morning. The people who attend are as diverse as the creatures they have come here to explore. Mission Hipsters, Tree Huggin’ Hippies, Marina Socialites, Bridge and Tunnel commuters, and fun lovin’ Castro crowds all mix under the hypnotic DJ rhythms. Come with your regular friends, or come to meet fresh, newly laundered friends! “Great night!” Says Maggie of SOMA, “I think I'll do it again next week!” Everyone looks better with a cosmic cocktail, strobe lights and a pulsating dance floor under their feet.

This is a great event to impress your out of town guests with as well! San Francisco sites are known for chameleon like transformations from day to night. After the sun goes down, we have café’s that turn into art galleries, bars that turn into comedy club’s, but who knew that the CAS could transform into a party paradise? During “Nightlife”, the roof top at the California Academy of Sciences leaves an endless canopy of real life, little stars above your head. For those of us who don’t have telescopes embedded in our ocular lobes yet, the CAS has provided a mammoth one for you to view those tiny stars.

Follow me for the next three months as a 'Scene Insider' for the Ca. Academy of Science. I will be reviewing the Social Scene, the DJ's, and Thursdays "Nightlife" event for your amusement and mine.

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