Friday, April 10, 2009

Giving Toll is Taking its Toll.....

Toll collectors on the Bay Bridge make me *so* mad. Instead of going POSTAL I am going to go TOLL-STAL !!

It seems like a simple transaction. I give you money and ask for a receipt "please". You, being a toll person, take my money and give me a receipt. So why do I have a confrontation almost EVERY time I go over the bay bridge to get back home?

I want to say that I NEVER have had a problem on the Golden Gate Bridge. This therapy session is for the Bay Bridge Toll Takers alone !! They are awful, mean, and spiteful trolls! I have had a myriad of strange and weird transactions at the Bay Bridge Toll Booths.

Sometimes the toll people don't look at me, speak to me, or even acknowledge that I exist when they take my money and give me change...and believe me I have LEARNED to appreciate these people for ignoring me. Thank you for your robotic disinterest.

Most of the time these Toll Trolls have a WHOLE life going on other than their job. They are listening to the radio, singing and dancing, watching a small TV, talking on their cell phone. Doing EVERYTHING in addition to taking toll money. Washing their hair, Betting on horses, Hiring Strippers, among other extracurricular activities. My last experience was with the short, Asian, Dyk-ish woman who talks on her cell. She was so distacted with her personal life that after I gave her a $10, asked for a reciept "please", she handed me back $1 and a receipt. I paused to tell her that I had given her a $10, not a $5 and she PUT HER FINGER UP because I was interrupting her conversation !!!!!!!!! SHUT UP !!! You can't be serious??!! IM interrupting YOU? No U Di'nt !!! and THEN, no and THEN, she argues with me that I gave her a $5 and not a $10 !!! After banter back and forth twice she ripped out a five and shoved it at me.

This is only ONE story of several that I have about Toll Booth Trolls, I am happy to tell you more, but I would like to know YOUR experience with Toll Both Trolls.....


  1. Not that I want to divert your wrath (and god-forbid it would be diverted to ME), but YOU NEED FASTRAK, LADY. All of your transactions listed online, and absolutely NO dealings with toll collectors. It's beautiful.

  2. Thank you for your suggestion Frittata..I don't *do* Fastrak because of several horrible encounters with their customer service...none of which were *my* fault of course (because I am an angel). :-)